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Reviews and Testimonials


"RiderScan is a very clever 180 degree mirror that offers motorcylce and scooter riders total blind spot visibility for the first time."

100% Biker magazine
"In short, it's a permanent lifesaver (when a biker glances over their shoulder before switching lanes) right in front of their eyes."
Derek Stewart-Brown -
"It's refreshing to see something on the market that could genuinely save a biker's life"
The Daily Record Newspaper
"Such impressive coverage that is" / "Brilliant idea I have to say, brilliant"
Premises 187 - YouTube MotoVlogger
"Such a simple and awesome idea, something I really believe will save a life sometime."
OoxTruExoO - YouTube MotoVlogger

A letter pointed out to us in "100% Biker" magazine (Issue 156)

Dear 100% Biker,

    "I recently saw an advert in your magazine for the RiderScan rear view mirror for bikes. The advert interested me, but I felt I wanted a bit more info before parting with my hard-earned. I found a phone number on the website and got straight through to the inventor/managing director himself, Stephen Hunter, and we had a lengthy conversation that was both informative and interesting.

    He directed me to his YouTube channels ("2WheelSteve" and "RiderScan")  and I was able to see the product in use; I decided to go for the default option of the screen mount and a paypal was made on the Monday evening. On Wednesday morning the product arrived on my door step, I have now fitted it and am very pleased - it is very well made, and although it initially takes a little getting used to, it's a real boon.

    It's nice to be able to recommend a professional and British company - well worth a look!"

- Geoff Bishop, 100% Biker Magazine reader & RiderScan owner
Customer Testimonial - "I went straight out on my bike to try it out. Absolutely AMAZING!! RiderScan is a fantastic invention that deserves to be installed on all bikes as standard... thank you for an amazing product and I'll be sure to tell everyone about it."
Paul Crossan, Kawasaki ZX12r rider
Customer Testimonial - "I have found the Riderscan mirror to be indispensable, and have tried to promote the mirror whenever and wherever I can...  It seems to me that when people see it, rather than read about it, they are very impressed and really 'get it'. I showed an initially skeptical colleague at work and she immediately said she would order one for herself and her partner."
Nigel Dorsett, Suzuki DL650 V Strom rider
Customer Testimonial - "On the road, well, what a revelation. It's everything it should be... The best idea's are always the simplest."
Mick Parker, Triumph Sprint ST rider
Customer Testimonial - "Had bikes from 17 years old, this has just stopped a car undercutting me. Thank you for a wonderful bit of kit."
Michael Ince, 2004 bonneville rider

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