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police & emergency services


     RiderScan is now finding its place in the police & emergency services domain. These pictures below are of the first police motorcycle to have a RiderScan mounted as a permanent feature. Several police departments in the USA are placing orders to kit out their motorcycle fleets with the RiderScan dedicated blind spot mirror. After trialing the RiderScan these police departments are full of praise for the product and we would like to thank them for the initial trialing of the RiderScan. Thank you.

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    “I found RiderScan on the internet and was intrigued by what I saw on their site. I purchased a RiderScan for my personal motorcycle. After a few hours of using the RiderScan, I could not imagine riding a motorcycle without one. The RiderScan provides quick views to the rear and side of your motorcycle without moving your head. The RiderScan allows you to see behind you in the blind spots left by your normal mirrors.

I am a motor officer with a large metropolitan Sheriff’s Office and after using the RiderScan on my personal bike. I convinced my department on the safety benefits of the RiderScan. Our department purchased the RiderScan for all department motorcycles.

Outstanding product, and great customer service from Stephen and his company."


Latest update from Master Deputy Greg A. Smith

"Here is a picture of one of our new motors.

"Your mirror (RiderScan) was installed during the build. Outstanding product wouldn't want to ride without it."


- Greg A. Smith, Deputy Sheriff | Johnson county PD




     "I don't understand why all motorcycles don't just come with a Riderscan automatically."

Officer Mark Brown | Kansas Police




    As a Motor Officer and Supervisor, I’m always looking for ways to improve officer safety. RiderScan is one of those things that I just had to get when I first saw them. They drastically increase the visibility for the rider particularly in the blind spots while still looking forward. I’m confident the number of near missing when making sudden lane changes will decrease due to the RiderScan.


- Sergeant Jay T. Richards, Traffic Safety Unit/School Resource Unit, Patrol Division, City of Lenexa | Police Department



    The following photos are of various other sectors of the emergency services world.


Blood bikers, NORTHErN IRELANd


Antony Loveless, Northern Ireland Blood Biker - "Great addition to the fleet and very useful."




Graham Martin, Wessex Blood Biker (ONE YEAR ON) - "I have had my RiderScan now just over a year and it has served me well my Yamaha XT-1200 Super Tenerie is now 18months old and has chalked up 16K miles.

When I swop to the Charity's BMW RT-1200P I miss the my RiderScan as it becomes part of your safety net, another tool in your Advanced skills tool box.

To anyone who sees my Tenerie at an event often the first comment is do they work? My answer is yes definitely.

  • In my training role I managed to, from the front keep an eye on 19 bikes in convoy and still notice a unmarked police bike in lane two admiring the bikes as he made his way up the convey.
  • In my marshalling role I can see under my arms the proximity of cycles and other bikes before taking action.
  • In my Blood Bike role it's that reassuring before action scan of the "blindspot" before even an indicator thus not panicking the car hidden there (often silver with no lights on against a grey sky line).
  • In touring mode it's amazing the panoramic views you get of the sky and scenery you've gone past.
  • Is it worth the money? Would you ride without a helmet?"


Please see below for illustrations at 0 degrees and 90 degrees; 







Tony Bond valued his RiderScan so much, he decided to remount it onto his Yamaha FJR Medibike ambulance bike.



RiderScan in the media



    As RiderScan grows, so does it's recognition. It has received praise through out the motorcycling and vehicle safety world, it has featured on national Scottish news, it has been given the thumbs up in multiple magazine reviews across the globe, it was present at the very prestigious Cologne bike show in Germany and to top it all off it has been approved by the DVA as a viable substitute for shoulder checks for riders with limited neck movement.


    So as we are starting to receive such approval we have decided to start and showcase the write ups we get in magazines and the features we have in other forms of media.





To view an article, simply click the underlined download link, then click open or save when prompt to do so.

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