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How Riderscan works


 RiderScan is a parabolic mirror that is mounted to the centre front of a motorcycle/scooter within the riders forward line of view. 


Without a RiderScan fitted to the riders bike, their view coverage would look like this:-

Click image to enlarge

With a properly fitted RiderScan these Killing Zones will be eliminated with one glance and this could save your life.



the benefits of the RiderScan


- RiderScan, because of its fitting location within the riders forward line-of-sight, makes it much more obvious to the rider when a potential hazard enters the blind spot areas, verses side mounted wide angle blind spot mirrors. 

- Also, this central mounted position allows the rider to check his/her blind spot, without even having to take your eyes off what is in front of you. As you glance to the RiderScan everything in front of you remains in your peripheral vision. 

- A continuous horizontal curve gives the rider 180 degrees horizontal coverage.

- The vertical curve gives a fantastic view. It keeps the road, the traffic and the rider in the picture even when the bike is leaning into a bend. Due to these curves, sunlight reflection is also not an issue and in no way impedes the rider or the RiderScans visibility.


This video explains some of these features:-

Because you see yourself in the whole picture, it means we can truly say "RiderScan truly adds another dimension to the riding experience".