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Reviews and Testimonials


"RiderScan is a very clever 180 degree mirror that offers motorcylce and scooter riders total blind spot visibility for the first time."

100% Biker magazine
"In short, it's a permanent lifesaver (when a biker glances over their shoulder before switching lanes) right in front of their eyes."
Derek Stewart-Brown -
"It's refreshing to see something on the market that could genuinely save a biker's life"
The Daily Record Newspaper
"Such impressive coverage that is" / "Brilliant idea I have to say, brilliant"
Premises 187 - YouTube MotoVlogger
"Such a simple and awesome idea, something I really believe will save a life sometime."
OoxTruExoO - YouTube MotoVlogger

A letter pointed out to us in "100% Biker" magazine (Issue 156)

Dear 100% Biker,

    "I recently saw an advert in your magazine for the RiderScan rear view mirror for bikes. The advert interested me, but I felt I wanted a bit more info before parting with my hard-earned. I found a phone number on the website and got straight through to the inventor/managing director himself, Stephen Hunter, and we had a lengthy conversation that was both informative and interesting.

    He directed me to his YouTube channels ("2WheelSteve" and "RiderScan")  and I was able to see the product in use; I decided to go for the default option of the screen mount and a paypal was made on the Monday evening. On Wednesday morning the product arrived on my door step, I have now fitted it and am very pleased - it is very well made, and although it initially takes a little getting used to, it's a real boon.

    It's nice to be able to recommend a professional and British company - well worth a look!"

- Geoff Bishop, 100% Biker Magazine reader & RiderScan owner
Customer Testimonial - "I went straight out on my bike to try it out. Absolutely AMAZING!! RiderScan is a fantastic invention that deserves to be installed on all bikes as standard... thank you for an amazing product and I'll be sure to tell everyone about it."
Paul Crossan, Kawasaki ZX12r rider
Customer Testimonial - "I have found the Riderscan mirror to be indispensable, and have tried to promote the mirror whenever and wherever I can...  It seems to me that when people see it, rather than read about it, they are very impressed and really 'get it'. I showed an initially skeptical colleague at work and she immediately said she would order one for herself and her partner."
Nigel Dorsett, Suzuki DL650 V Strom rider
Customer Testimonial - "On the road, well, what a revelation. It's everything it should be... The best idea's are always the simplest."
Mick Parker, Triumph Sprint ST rider
Customer Testimonial - "Had bikes from 17 years old, this has just stopped a car undercutting me. Thank you for a wonderful bit of kit."
Michael Ince, 2004 bonneville rider
Customer Testimonial - "Every single time I've popped a shoulder check the RiderScan has proven it's clear aswell."
Russell Stevenson, Motorcycle instructor from Roadcraftnottingham

Customer Testimonial - "Just been for a quick ride about town and out on the dual carriageway..... WOW!"

"I have never really liked doing shoulder checks at speed on the dual carriageway because it means taking my eyes off whats happening in front of me. With the RiderScan I can just glance down then check over my shoulder for a split second to ensure there is nothing there. It feels much much safer."
Matt Tipper, LML Vespa PX rider
Customer Testimonial - "The view all round is excellent and the RiderScan certainly does the intended job, thanks for a most useful contribution to motorcycle safety!"
Martin Bell, Honda Deauville rider
Customer Testimonial - "It is hard to look over one's shoulder when wearing a helmet. It works as advertised."
Professor of Physics and Royal Enfield Rider, Jorge Pullin
Customer Testimonial - "Working great, takes a bit of getting used to, but you feel a lot safer when you have all round vision. Great Bit of kit Stephen."
Mark Gregory, Kawasaki ZRX400 rider
Customer Testimonial - "I'm very thankful 'cause it's already saved my skin from hitting someone in my blind spot. It really does work so thank you very much!"
Lewis Bulman, Kawasaki ZZR rider
Customer Testimonial - "Just fitted the mirror, cannot believe how good it is, top item, will be buying one for my legend. Thanks again."
Les Glaves, Bonneville and Triumph Legend rider
Customer Testimonial  - "What a brilliant idea and it works I have fitted it to my Kawasaki VN 750 and with the extra mounting kit I can swop it to my Piaggio X9 500 Thanks!!!!"
Ken Roper, Merseyriders Scooter & Motorcycle club
Customer Testimonial - "Can't thank you enough for this marveled product as it has already proven itself twice!"
James Daugherty, Yamaha Stratoliner S Cruiser
Customer Testimonial - "Thank you for the fast delivery! It's really a great product, a big idea! I saw it first on a bike when I was in Cornwall some weeks ago on my South England Bike tour! So I'm glad to have it now on my bike! I mounted it on the windshield of my BMW 1200 R and I decided that I need another 2 Riderscans for my Kymco Scooter and for my daughters scooter! I will order at once! Good luck for your shop!"
G√ľnter Schrenk, BMW 1200 R rider
Customer Testimonial - "Took it out for a test today and have to say I love it."
Gareth Whiteside, Kawasaki Z750S rider
Customer Testimonial - "I am in Pa....was one of the lucky people to get one , back in Nov...when they were first testing them out.... I love mine, on my BMW R1150R.... when I am on the major interstate, & those trucks are "moving, moving", its a great comfort to glance in that RiderScan, & see whats all around me!"
Erin Hoxie, BMW R1150R rider
Customer Testimonial - "Thanks for the Riderscan, ordered yesterday pm, delivered at 1100am today. I am truly gobsmacked by it. I shall be 85 next month, been riding bikes since 1947, seen many inventions but this is unique and beautifully made. Congratulations sir and it really does beat a polished chrome teapot - looks better too!"
Arfur Butler, Veteran motorcycle rider
Customer Testimonial - "Rode about 70 miles today, riderscan was great. Particularly useful for motorways and roundabouts, thoroughly impressed, it is such an ingenious product. I will not hesitate to recommend it to others, in fact I will go out of my way to do so"
Craig Lamble, Suzuki GSX 1400 rider
Customer Testimonial - "I’ve fitted & tested it today & am delighted to confirm that it not only meets my expectations – it exceeded them by a considerable margin. Thanks for a fantastic product & best wishes for the future."
Carl Lubbock, Ducati ST3s rider
Customer Testimonial - "I've had it on the bike a couple of weeks now and I am really happy with it. Really helps my awareness of what is around me."
Jan Willem Stekelenburg, 1993 BMW K75RT Rider
Customer Testimonial - "I didn't expect Riderscan to improve my safety on the road so much :) Only did 30 miles today due to bad weather but I think me and Riderscan will be good mates! No blindspots anymore."
Lukas Tomaszewski, Suzuki V Strom rider
Customer Testimonial - "I and my wife love the RiderScan! We have been praising it at every turn."
American writer and illustrator and Harley Davidson rider, Tommy Castillo
Customer Testimonial - "Your product has proved to be awesome and has saved my bacon on a couple of occasions. It has generated interest amongst my fellow riders here in Melbourne."
Nikolas Kavalenka, 2007 burgman 400 rider
Customer Testimonial - "Tested yesterday and it worked great and gave me a bit more peace of mind about my surroundings and what was happening. After 30 years gap every bit helps and this product is perfect and I will recommend it at every opportunity I get."
Colin Howell, Honda NT650V rider
Customer Testimonial - "Well, just had a good blast to work, and what a difference the RiderScan makes. It is brilliant! 

It provides a constant "lifesaver" and shoulder check as you ride.  All it requires is slight eye movement and you can see vehicles appearing in your normal bike mirror and as they leave that, they then appear in the RiderScan. They then stay in the RiderScan until they have gone past you and you can see them in your normal peripheral vision.

Duncan Taylor, Honda CBF1000 2007 rider
Customer Testimonial - "It works a treat - Does just what it says on the label.
Thanks for a great riding assistant"
Ian Cooke, BMW K1600 GTL E rider
Customer Testimonial - "I have been on bikes 45 years and have joined RoSPA. I was out with one of the Testers, he has one (a RiderScan). I sat on the bike and was delighted with the out come, then I purchased one."
Denis Morgan, RoSPA member
Customer Testimonial - "Fits perfect, does what the label said. I'm very impressed, makes riding a lot safer. Everyone should have one."
Ken Macdonald, Suzuki Burgman 650 Scooter rider
Customer Testimonial - "Just mounted the RiderScan on my BMW k1200 which has the moveable screen on the bike. It fits a treat, can't believe I have been biking without this product, it really is a life saver. Cheers."
Laurence Hyland, BMW k1200 rider
Customer Testimonial - "It is working great! Over the weeks in and it still is the best safety device on my bike. This bike is a daily rider, rain shine or pbc rides."
Karl Springer, All seasons rider
Customer Testimonial - "I saw it some time ago but never bothered about it for my trike until I had a go on my mates trike with it. All I can say...
That's why I ordered mine the same day,
I think it is the best piece of safety equipment I have come across in a few years."
Thomas Leggate (Big Tam), VTX1300 bike and Trike rider
Customer Testimonial - "Your superb mirror proved an invaluable addition to our Germany holiday on the FJR this Summer!  Well done again on bringing such an important safety item to the world of motorcycling."
Paul King, FJR rider
Customer Testimonial - "I wanted to say what an amazing product, I have been using RiderScan for about 3 months and it has proved to be such a useful tool. The number of times it has helped me spot cyclists coming up the inside or other scooter riders appearing out of nowhere has made this device invaluable."
Stephen C. Cassar BA(Hons), Rider

Customer Testimonial - "WOW what an amazing piece of kit. Incredibly simple to fit. I went out for a run after fitting to get used to it. Took all of 10 minutes!! I can actually see the bike’s wing mirrors in it & the only “blind spot” is behind my head. The bike, an 1800 Goldwing, is my sole mode of transport & is used every day – other than in snow. It is so amazing (safety wise) it should be installed on every bike."

Lester Bailey, 1800 Goldwing rider
Customer Testimonial - "The Riderscan is fantastic and has made riding much safer. Thanks so much for a great product."

Jim Eastham, rider
Customer Testimonial - "RiderScan is a fantastic bit of safety kit that has taken my situational awareness to a new level. My thanks to all the folks at Hunter Create for the speedy delivery of a great product."
Matthew Harrison, 2007 Honda VFR800 VTEC rider
Customer Testimonial - "I’ve had a RiderScan on my Honda ST1100 Pan European for a year now and it has done its job over and over. Easy to fit, Easy to use and a Life Saver. The cost is very, very reasonable for the product and the quality you are getting. My advice: Get a RiderScan without Delay."
Mick Benson, Honda ST1100 Pan European rider

Customer Testimonial - "Thank you for not only designing what must be one of the most important safety additions to the motorcycle (or aircraft etc); but also for the fast delivery of a lovely product.


I mounted it on my 1995 Yamaha 900S Diversion this afternoon; I did it solo and it went on without a hitch.


I was a bit wary of what I might actually see when I mounted the Riderscan on my own bike (despite the lovely videos and so on); but the experience was literally a revelation.


One pleasant surprise was that contrary to my expectation that the mirrors would obscure some of the Riderscan view, they are actually seen "edge on" by the Riderscan.


I am looking forward to putting the Riderscan to good use in the coming months and will be happily recommending it to all my friends who own bikes!"


Bob Holden-Rushworth ,Yamaha 900S Diversion rider
Customer Testimonial ~ "I'm just writing to say I've had your mirror on my 2015 Honda VFR800F for nearly a year now, Ive been riding for over 45 years and find it a great safety device.
Many times on slip roads this device acts as a great blind spot viewer, the locals have a great habit of coming up behind you and cutting you up when your entering the motorway, even though they can't see coming traffic.
Working with a safety check this mirror is great. I have an extended screen on my bike otherwise it wouldn't fit.
Thanks for a great bit of kit"
Tony Baron.
Tony Barton 2015 Honda VFR800F with an extended travel screen rider